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I was fascinated with art from before I can remember.  One of my aunts was an artist and I admired her.  One Christmas she gave me a drawing pad, a drawing instruction book, and artist’s pencils.  I happily dove into copying one of the more difficult drawings toward the back of the book.  I was pleased with my drawing, until I showed it to her– she advised me to start at the beginning of the book where the drawings were simpler.  So that’s what I did, and I worked my way through the entire book.  By the time I came to the drawing I had originally attempted, I was able to draw it quite well.  I had learned to draw!  I also took art classes in school, so I would say I started off as self-taught but also learned a lot in school.

I attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, majoring in Theatre Production.  My studies included set and costume design, and also scenic painting.  I spent the summers painting sets at theatres in Massachusetts and in North Carolina.

After graduating, I moved to NYC where I would live for the next seventeen years.  During my time there I initially worked as a scenic artist, interning at Juilliard, and in various art jobs.  I also met and fell in love with a dashing native New Yorker of Cuban descent.  We have been married for sixteen years.

My desire to continue working as a full-time artist was unfortunately interrupted when I developed chronic illness. I then dreamed of launching a new career as a fine artist doing my own paintings, but with limited energy due to my illness, I painted only infrequently.

But by the end of 2012 my health was improving and I made a New Years’ resolution for 2013: create one new painting per week.  By the end of 2013 I found I had completed over 70 paintings, surpassing my original goal!  I continued in this productive mode in 2014, and in the process also created an Etsy website for my work.

I returned to my hometown of Vero Beach, FL at the end of 2014.  So great to be back in the sunshine!

My paintings are foremost about color and whimsy.  I don’t try to be technically perfect in representing things, but to portray my subjects in unexpected and creative ways. I try to capture the joy and simplicity of painting like a child yet with a trained artist’s eye.

I was told by someone that has one of my paintings, that seeing the painting on her wall at home makes her happy. Another person said, “ God’s love and grace shine through your work.”  Another person commented, “Your beautiful paintings always put a smile in my heart.”

I did not set out for my art to always have such an optimistic feel, but I’m pleased that this quality has emerged as intrinsic to my work.  I can only attribute this to my faith in the Creator, who even in the lowest times of my sickness always gave me hope and sustained me.

I really am not so chirpy and happy as you might think from looking at my work, but I guess it is what I attain to 🙂  My paintings represent the best and brightest part of me– what I aspire to be.

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